About Us

Political Potheads

Political Potheads was founded in San Diego, CA as a lifestyle brand for cannabis consumers to share their political voice. Our key values are inclusivity, social justice, and repairing the damages caused to society by the war on drugs. We aim to educate that the act of smoking cannabis is, itself, political whether consumers are aware or not. Most importantly, we encourage our community to use their voice to speak out on issues they feel strongly about. 


About the Owner

Political Potheads was founded by Kaya Miller, who wanted to create something that combined her love of cannabis with her passion for politics. Kaya grew up in Massachusetts, where she studied Political Science and got her start in non-profit organizations. After moving across the country to sunny San Diego, she shifted to managing an active-wear brand and coordinating their social media/influencer relations. 

Throughout school and her career, Kaya has always been an avid cannabis user, and relied on it to help with PTSD, anxiety and various health issues. Shortly after the move to San Diego, Kaya and her boyfriend (now fiancé) started a cannabis instagram page and began to familiarize themselves with the local cannabis community. When the COVID pandemic hit and Kaya was no longer commuting hours everyday she decided to combine her experience and passion and create Political Potheads!